Privacy Policy

Pursuant to European regulation 2016/679 (also known as “General Data Protection Regulation” “GDPR”) we provide you with the due information concerning the processing of the personal data collected through our website.

Data Controller: The holder of the treatment is iMei DIVISION Srl with registered office in Via M. Buonarroti Crema (CR), 26013- Vat number 01183320199, Phone number 0373.202753,


The processing of personal data is carried out in order to:

  • technically manage the browsing on the site, through the automatic registration of the logs (legal base: execution of the service of use of the site and legitimate interest of the data controller)
  • protect the rights of the data controller, in case of any violations that may be committed by the navigators through the site (legal basis: legitimate interest of the data controller).

The treatment of personal data will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection to fulfilment of your navigation on the website and your request, through digital tools only.

Data controller won’t treat your personal data through automated individual decision-making process.


The provision of personal data by user is optional but necessary in order to manage your request.

Nature of data treatment. Data controller can treat your data for mentioned purposes only and can treat common data only, such as, for example, browsing

data, identificative data, email address, telematic and phone data, if conferred

Communication, diffusion and transmission. Personal data will not be shared with third person or distributed. Data will be processed internally by authorized personal or specially appointed responsibles. The data controller will not be transferred to third countries outside the EU.

Term of data preservation. Collected personal data will be processed only for the time necessary to answer questions, to fulfil contact requests and to provide information about iMei DIVISION Srl and products/services offered. The storage of logs will be restricted to website security management, within legal limits and automatically removed at the end of allowed time.

Method of data treatment. The data treatment processed by holder and people in charge of treatment may take place with or without electronic means and may consist in any operations or set of operations among those prescribed by law. Personal data will be stored in the electronic database linked to website and managed by third person, if necessary, designed as treatment responsible. The after mentioned informative system is protected by adequate security measures, so as to minimize the risks of destruction or loss, unauthorized access or treatment that does not conform to the aim of the collection.

Rights of the interested part. These rules recognize to interest a series of rights. The interested party can obtain information from the rights holder regarding the existence or not of his personal details, the origin of such data as well as the characteristics of the treatment (right of access); the interested party can obtain the cancellation and updating, rectification or integration of data. Registered users can also object at any time to the treatment and, if possible, obtain data portability. The interested party may exercise his or her rights by sending a registered letter addressed to registered office of the owner, indicating the subject as “GDPR request”. The interested part has also the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the way prescribed by GDPR regulation in case they assume they have been submitted to the violation of their own rights.


Current semplified regulation is in accordance with art. 13 of RGPD

Purposes and Method of personal data treatment. IMei DIVISION Srl newsletter, which involves a telematic and electronic data treatment, is sent via e-mail to those who explicitly request for it, by filling the form available on iMei DIVISION Srl website and give consent to their personal data treatment by flagging the box at the end of the form. Personal data conferral is not compulsory. The refusal to provide us with data implicates the impossibility to obtain the newsletter service. The compilation of each entry will enable us to send you the information that are of your interest. We make use of MailUp marketing platform to send newsletter emails. We adopt adequate security measures in order to avoid data loss, illicit or improper use and non-authorized access.


Legal basis for treatment. Treatment is carried out on the basis of a specific request of the person concerned and of their granted consent.

Data retention. Data retention period is equal to 2 years


Communication. Provided personal data are intended for newsletter sending only and they will not be communicated to third parties but they could be handled within iMei DIVISION Srl and, in case of necessity, they could be communicated for activities connected to website technological mainteinance. Data connected to newsletter service can be handled by individuals in charge of our company.

Data controller. Data controller of the collected data is iMei DIVISION Srl with registered office in via Michelangelo Buonarroti 4 – 26013 Crema (CR) Italia, C.F. e P.IVA 01183320199,

Rights of the interested part. You have right to:

  • ask for the access, amendment, cancellation, limitation, opposition to the treatment of your data
  • revoke the consent at anytime without jeopardizing the legality of treatment which is based on the consent you have expressed before the withdrawal.
  • lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

Social Media Policy

Purpose. Current document establish the guidance on social media usage. Such usage is occurring in compliance with legal provisions. iMei DIVISION Srl uses the main social media platforms with maximum transparency for commercial purposes, communication increase and improvement: we inform, communicate, listen to and give access to the products and services by exploiting the Web.

Contents. Published contents can include written texts, photos, infographics, videos, audios and further multimedia contents, service information, as well as involvement and participation opportunities for the users and/or their own employees and/or their own customers and/or associates.

Internal Policy. The mentioned policy is applying to employees and associates who may be filmed during internal or external official events. The company encourages its employees and associates to get involved by using social networks but, as it is necessary to safeguard the company values and the brands it markets, it is highly recommended to check the contents before sharing them. In case opinions related to the working activity are expressed, it is compulsory to make it explicit that those are personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.

External policy. Services on social networks have the main purpose to share contents and, in any way, do not substitute the services/ products offered. Users’ comments and posts, whose name and surname is highly recommended, describe personal opinions and not iMei DIVISION Srl ones, which cannot be hold responsible for posts from third parties. Each user can intervene to express their opinion on iMei DIVISION Srl profile. Insults, obscene language, threats and behaviors which harms individuals’ dignity and the decorum of institutions, minorities and minors, principles of freedom and equality cannot be tolerated.

This is valid for:

  • contents which sponsor, encourage and perpetuate discriminations related to sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, belief, age, marital status, public assistance status, nationality, physical or mental disability and sexual orientation;
  • Sexual contents or contents/ links sexual in nature;
  • Trade solicitations, conduct or encouragement of illicit activities;
  • Information which may compromise security and public systems security;
  • Contents which violate the interests of a legal property or third parties, including photos and brand logos of legitimate owners;
  • Comments or posts which show sensitive data and thus violate the privacy regulation.

In addition, comments and contents of the following kind are deterred and moderated:

  • comments which are not related to the published content (off-topic comments);
  • opinions which are pro or against political campaign or voting suggestions;
  • offensive Language or contents;
  • comments or posts meant to disturb the discussion or to harm who run and moderate social channels;
  • spam;
  • redundant comments

iMei DIVISION Srl retains the right to delete any content which can be considered against the aforementioned social media policy or against some specific applicable laws. For those who violates these conditions or those which are explained in the policies of the adopted instruments, can get blocked in order to avoid further comments and they can get reported to the platform responsibles and to the law enforcements eventually.

Privacy. User personal data treatment is in compliance with the actual policies on the used platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.). Data which are shared by users through text messages sent to iMei Division Srl directly will be handled in accordance with the privacy regulations.

Official profiles. Below you can find iMei DIVISION Srl official profiles on social media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin

iMei DIVISION Social Media Team. The team, who edits iMei DIVISION Srl social media, will report inappropriate or inconsistent with regards to the current regulation and will communicate the amendments and apply possible penalties in case of uneven brand logo usage and reiterated behaviors.

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