Italian design

Italian design: quality private labelling

At iMèi have a young, dynamic and competent spirit: creativity and technical knowledge always go hand in hand. We specialize in the research, creation and development of customized items for different product sectors. To us Italian design is synonymous with unmistakable quality, style and class. Choose our design to bring your project to life.


Innovative ideas

We believe in the Made in Italy prestige and we work to continuously renew it. An essential part of our job is to offer bold ideas that will become a trend. From our clients’ aesthetic and budget requests, we transform your vision into distinctive products, accessories and gadgets. 

Recognizable and unique Promotional Branded Merchandise

Together with iMèi you can stand out from the competition.
We observe market trends, we assimilate them and re-create them to give you back something new, which has its own imprint, its own character.
Idea, design, choice of materials: everything in the creative process leads to the creation of unique and recognizable products, so that any merchandising operation turns into a successful action.



Ecobag Guess

A winning team

By a strange coincidence and with one exception, the iMèi staff is all female and… it works great. The alchemy and chemistry us is palpable in every moment of the working day and makes us love our work even more. We want to tell you that at iMèi we know how to direct out talent and skills towards a single common purpose: the realization of the best possible project.


Italian design for your promotional items?