Quality policy

In view of the growing market demand for consolidated quality standards and convinced of the internal improvements achievable with the development of a culture of quality, Imei Division Srl has decided to implement a Quality System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

The purpose of the Management is to find and have a prominent role in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile, food and car market and offer ever higher quality standards to satisfy and to build customer loyalty.

In order to carry out its mission, Imei Division srl intends to:


  • Supply high quality products and services which meet the requirements expressed; demonstrate transparency and reliability; ensure the quality of the product offered at competitive prices; communicate and share the principles expressed in the quality policy; cooperate to solve issues/threats which may prejudice the quality of the products.
  • Satisfy customer requirements and needs with regard to innovation and quality, as well as share goals and information concerning project improvements and performances.


  • Promote a mutually advantageous ‘alliance’ so as to actively participate in defining the performance and characteristics of the product; supply the necessary support for a full understanding of the clients’ needs and related product requirements.
  • Establish a partnership to manage the targets of the company in order to enforce quality standards and to share the improvement targets set by Imei Division srl.    


  • Develop their spirit of initiative; ensure fruitful and serene professional relationships; guarantee a safe working environment which can be rewarding for all; share the quality policy; promote meeting in relation to the needs of the company.
  • Provide the proper and continuing professional training which is necessary to achieve excellent performances; create a motivating, serene and safe working environment, where all the labor laws are respected.

Control body:

  • Respect laws and legislation with regard to health in the workplace, ethical aspects and cogent conditions.


  • Respect laws and legislations concerning environmental issues.;
  • Safeguard and respect nature with regard to both impact of products and processes.

All business processes are focused on continuous improvement, in particular the ones involved in the Quality Management System, as well as the company structure with the engagement of customers and suppliers.

Innovation, reliability, safety of products, attention to ethical and social aspects with regard to both employees and suppliers, research and development, trend analysis and satisfaction of all the parts involved are the cornerstones on which the management is focused, together with the principles defined in the performance of the business.

The management will review the adequacy and effectiveness of Quality Management System over time in a critical and independent way through direct feedback and periodic reviews.


ISO-9001 certificazione IMEI

Certification INTERTEK ISO 9001:2015