Green Soul

green soul

Sustainable is beautiful: choose the #GREEN collections by iMèi

We have a green soul because for us sustainability is a core element, not just a trend.
At the same time, we are convinced that eco-friendly products can create new trends at the service of elegance and functionality, in a perfect balance between fashionable and eco-sustainable.
Embrace our philosophy and choose accessories, gadgets and promotional items from our green collections.



Pouches, bags, cups, straws… Items and accessories made in sustainable material.



Kitchen items and tools become eco-friendly without sacrificing style & design.


Reducing CO2 emissions is possible.
In fact, EVERY YEAR WE SAVE OVER 200.000 KG OF CARBON DIOXIDE and we have chosen to do it since 2011.
Producing clean energy and safeguarding the health of the planet is a duty that becomes pleasure for us: it pushes us towards new frontiers of green, investing in research and development and stimulating our creativity to give our best in the design of eco-sustainable and original items.

Environmental issues are close to our hearts and minds.
Offer your customers eco-friendly merchandise and choose a more sustainable future with us.

Are you looking for items in ecological or recycled material?